March 15, 2001

Ok, this is the very official last post. To my (tiny) readership I offer my apologies, but I have not got the energy, ideas and technical knowledge to make this website what it should be (that would be, a lot more than what it is). If you would like to correspond with me, I'd be happy to. Just write to me at This is not to say that I'll never have a decent website up, I will, this is just not the right moment.
Well, good-bye.

March 07, 2001

This is an in-depth report on the effect the big media conglomerates have on teenagers in their attempts to make money from them, and in what ways this will form this generation of teenagers and the future. It's actually pretty frightening to realize what is happening.
In particular I was interested in the reactions of a group of teenagers who watched the report.

March 03, 2001

This pathetic creature is dying. And I don't seem to keen on saving it, in fact it's rather like I'm taking away its oxygen. Well, soon (very soon, like tomorrow) I'll rework the whole thing and make it worthwhile again. Worthwhile for me and for you.